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Hi, I’m Q

*A Creative from Suwon city in South Korea.
I grew up in Suwon city, surrounded by nature and small farming villages,
that suddenly changed into a huge Hi-tech city with big companies like
Samsung pioneering its growth. This experience had a great impact on me
and I ended up being obsessed with innovation and growth.
Which in turn, lead me chasing hot and cool designs while integrating them with technology.

*Happy New Fear.
Suwon, London, Berlin and now New York. 
New transitions, new experiences,
transformations, some times they freak me out.
but I realise, that they push me to grow and evolve.

*Take a breath and look into it again.
I’ve realised that in this world and industry,
everything changes but nothing changes.
So, let’s take a breath, and look through with a new perspective,
what’s real and what’s not, then we can make the world better.


Art direction at Miami Ad School,
Berlin, Germany, 2018~Current

Bsc, Industrial Design Engineering,
Korea University of Technology and Education  ~2017


Creative Intern
at BETC (Paris, France)
– Jan 2020~Present

Creative Intern
at Ogilvy (NewYork, U.S)
– Oct 2019~Dec 2019

Junior Art Director
at Redwood Interactive
(Seoul, South Korea)
– Jun 2017~May 2018

 Assistant Art Director
at HS As(Seoul, South Korea)
– Jun 2017~May 2018

Art intern
at Dae Hong Communication
(Seoul, South Korea)
– Jan~Mar 2016


2019 Young Shit(U.S)—Winner  (June)
2019 AdStars — Crystal
2018 ChipShop Awards(U.K)—Barnacles Award
2018 ChipShop Awards(U.K)—Best Charity
2018 Creativity International Awards(U.S)—Gold
2017 Ad Stars—Crystal
2015 Ad Stars_Young Stars—Silver


The Drum
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