UNHCR x Google Recaptcha
I’m not a robot


As the number of refugees is rapidly increasing every year,
We’re facing negative perceptions and unconcerns of them.

How could we make people be aware and empathetic with them.


The UN Refugee Agency – UNHCR, in partnership with Google recaptcha,
created the first human verification test by transforming the usual pictures into
pictures of refugees.

How it works

When users click all of the squares with refugees, a video about the people in
the picture is automatically played over the squares telling the story of refugees.
Users can read the full story and donate to refugees on the UNHCR website
by clicking the Donate button.

Millions of CAPTCHAs will be solved by people all over the world every day.

Client work

Work in Creative Technology at Ogilvy NY
Adapted for digital extensions of SCJ ocean plastic experience.

GCD: Kaare Wesnaes/ Senior Creative Technologist: Dofl Yun
Assistant Creative: Kyu / Assistant Creative: Max Rossi


Ohgun Kim(CW)